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    ARTWORK BY Brandon Liao

    The artist just turned 21 years old are you kidding me.

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  6. The Golden Gauntlet, Henri III of France’s armour (details), c.1550

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    Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger: The Conference, 2010-2011

    crystals grown on electronics 

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    Transistor arrives May 20 on PS4 and PC, New Screens

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    Without my crappy attempt at drawing furries.

    Photobash painting

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    Tyler. acrylic. Painted for my friend T’ of his partner.  It’s slightly larger than life, as is the subject <3

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    Karen Knorr - 1: Flight to Freedom, Juna Mahal, Dungarpur  2: The Maharajas Apartment, Udaipur City Palace, Udaipur  3: The Private Audience Aam Khas, Juna Mahal, Dungarpur  4: A Place Like Amravati, Udaipur City Palace, Udaipur  5: The Witness, Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi  6: The Queens Fort, Zenana, Udaipur  7: The Sound of Rain, Junagarh Fort, Bikaner  8: The Messenger, Purana Qila, Delhi  9: The Joy of Ahimsa, Takhat Vilas, Mehrangarh Fort Palace Jodhpur  10: Discussions Concerning Rasa, The Phool Mahal, Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur from India Song series, 2008-2012    Photography

    this needs to be on my blog again. south asia is legit amazing 

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    Lamborghini Diablo

    Image by Igor Sinitsin

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