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    old arts

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    Hi!! I’ve never really tried environments so I wanted to start playing with them. I’m gonna have this available as a print at MoCCA if you’re going! 

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    our first lady everyone 

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    Tumblr I need your help.

    I’ll have a booth at CTNx again this year and I’m planning on selling some prints from Yuri and the Golden Plum (I’m looking into a way to sell them online after the expo as well). Unfortunately it’s not economical to make prints of every image I have for the project, so I have paired the group down to these images, of which I want to bring about four.

    I would love it if folks would leave a comment indicating which image they would like most (1-7). This would be a big help thanks so much.

    I’m going to do the same thing with another project next week.

    Thanks in advance,


    Thank you all so much, I think I’ll need to bring more than 4!

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  11. Finally killing SSLv3 after POODLE

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    pretend they were friends xD

    dA page

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    (Left to right): Kari, Shuie, Sami - owners of the Sleepy Catfish opium den of Jian district.

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